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Role Play

Role Play

Mabway has developed a range of role player capabilities representing over 60 specific roles within 13 generic groups providing a flexible and highly effective training support capability. Role player capabilities include; representative indigenous populations, security forces (police and military), opposing factions, civil society representatives, casualty simulation and other specialist capabilities.

Mabway role players contribute to the delivery of dynamic training scenarios by enhancing realism and creating the conditions to develop the mental agility and competencies to prevail in managing complex and challenge operating situations. These can include; emergency and disaster response, mass casualty situations, negotiations and key leader engagement, conflict management and resolution, training and capacity building.

Mabway has an extensive inventory of costume, props, vehicles and access to special effects to add authenticity to each training scenario. Success is assured through integrated planning by our team of event managers to ensure training objectives are realised.

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What we can do for you

We will provide realism, complexity and friction to prepare individuals for a multiplicity of situations they are likely to confront. We can provide large numbers of role players to represent the human and organisational challenges your people will face in dealing with a humanitarian crisis, natural disaster, civil disorder, emergency response. We can provide small numbers of role players in situations that will enable you to develop your people’s emotional intelligence and empathy when interacting with individuals in a stressful and challenging situation.

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Case Study

Mabway role players supported the European Union Battlegroup training event in 2016 which involved a large UK military force training alongside troops from across the EU. The exercise scenario was set in Africa and based on a stabilisation and non-combatant evacuation operation. Mabway deployed 238 role players representing local nationals, ex-patriates, IO and NGO representatives including 6 specialist role players acting as military commanders, OCHA representatives and local administrators and politicians.

"Role player performance was to a high standard. The actors provided a great service with very good feedback throughout. They were able to take in all the information which contributed to a very convincing performance. They were able to hold their own when negotiating with high ranking military commanders and were always able to improvise. We used them in far more challenging roles than we had first expected to, greatly increasing the depth of the scenarios presented to the EU"

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Other services in - Real World Training Support

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Scenario Development

The Mabway team of intelligence subject matter experts have broad, highly relevant operational, technical, and investigative experience. They deliver bespoke scenario design and background data to support...

Training Casualty-simulation Thumbnail
Casualty Simulation

At Mabway we fully understand that any kind of training needs to be completely realistic in order to immerse the Police, Fire and Rescue, Medical and Military personnel into the best training environment...

Training Culturally-Sensitive Thumbnail
Culturally Sensitive Training

Mabway has unique access to a large and diverse workforce that can be deployed at varying scales to deliver culturally sensitive training. This can take the form of cultural advice and briefings, language...

Training Tech-Support Thumbnail
Technical Support & Special Effects

Agog Vivid Ltd, operating as a specialist subcontractor to Mabway, provide creative film industry effects and expertise in design, development, build and deployment of graphic, realistic special effects...

Training Exercise-Planning Thumbnail
Exercise Planning

Mabway has the capability to take full responsibility for all aspects of exercise planning and delivery. Mabway’s Operations and Plans Team will engage with the client to plan, resource and ensure delivery...

Training Props Thumbnail
Uniforms, Props & Set Dressing

Mabway’s extensive holding of uniforms, costume and props, coupled with the deployment of role players, creates the authenticity and atmospherics for realistic and challenging training. Mabway’s catalogue...

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