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Culturally Sensitive Training

Culturally Sensitive Training

Mabway has unique access to a large and diverse workforce that can be deployed at varying scales to deliver culturally sensitive training. This can take the form of cultural advice and briefings, language training and role play scenarios. Our cultural advisors and trainers are drawn from the Middle East, West, East and Sub-Saharan Africa, Northern and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Cultural Advice and Briefings can be tailored to the specific requirements of individuals deploying or travelling overseas or those interacting with diverse communities in the UK. Advice and Briefings can be augmented by role play scenarios for specific business needs.

Language Training is delivered for those requiring the basics to survive or for those already competent who need to refresh their language skills. Language training can include, but is not limited to: Arabic, Dari, Pashtu, Farsi, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Danish.

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What we can do for you

We will provide you with in- depth cultural awareness training enabling your people to understand cultural nuances, reduce cross-cultural misunderstanding and achieve effective outcomes. We understand the many and varied scenarios in which cultural sensitivity and competence can apply and will tailor the training to meet your specific needs, be it in the work place, overseas visits or deployments. Complimentary to cultural understanding is language training and we will provide trainers and scenarios to provide your people with the basics as well as more sophisticated continuation training in relevant settings to meet your needs.

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Case Study

Mabway regularly provides role players and linguists to train and practice participants in the use of interpreters and negotiating skills. The training draws out the fundamentals of cultural awareness and understanding as well as trains and develops participants in the principles of conducting dialogue through an interpreter. The scenario, level of complexity, ethnicity of role players and language is flexible and has varied depending on the training audience.

"The role players’ performance was first rate at all times. Interpreters were used on several occasions and added real value in scenarios. To ensure effective learning, it is very effective to use the interpreters and role players in scenario-based exercises to add the essential realism."

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