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Mabway uses a wide range of training media to effectively portray and support training goals. Mabway has repeatedly selected short form video as a format easily combined with live or online instructor-led tutorials and online assessment to enhance trainee learning and development. Used as an integral part of distributed learning, trainees may be aided in equipment and system familiarisation and other aspects of operator and maintenance routines.

Mabway offers innovative creation of digital task book training content to assist trainees undertaking lengthy training pipelines over many months, or years. Digital content provides a valuable stakeholder resource and mitigates against skill fade, allows own pace learning and delivers value for money to employers on initial training spend.

As part of our technical training solutions within maritime engineering, Mabway has supplemented Customer access to traditional academic qualification and haptic skills learning with the supply of digital training content to support later phase learning. This is particularly useful where academic training is followed by practical skills development during an OEM phase. Interactive video content from Mabway puts SQEP technical knowledge and input within the creative process from the start of the project, permitting a ‘buy once’ approach not readily available to defence customers.