In order to provide support for successful events, exercise planning is a key element.

General principles that are followed by Mabway management staff when planning for training events which can be summarised as follows:

  • Integrated and collaborative planning with the customer.
  • Engagement throughout all activities at clearly defined management levels.
  • Communications and consistent liaison (Up, down, sideways).
  • Open approach to problem solving and mutual respect and trust.

In order to plan and deliver a successful service, it is essential that Mabway develop the understanding of the scenario and exercise aims; that we administer our staff effectively and show leadership and agile management throughout the exercise period to properly deliver the required training effect. These critical success factors also require support from the customer; which is done via integrated planning and continuous engagement prior to and during exercise support. Comprehensive briefings and an implicit understanding of the exercise aims and expected outcomes is critical to its understanding; and the provision of equipment that supports the environment assist in administration of staff.

Mabway work to a demand order process that identifies the requirement, which requires a clearly articulated demand orders submission (by the MoD) in a timely and realistic manner which will assists in Mabway’s Management of resources, expectation and training support during the exercise phases. Continual performance reviews are conducted in order to measure performance against delivery expectations and initiate corrective action if required.

The above approach and process by the team has enabled Mabway to continually provide a successful service as the Prime Contractor to the COEFOR contract and puts Mabway in front as the leading service provider in this area.

  • SQ-Training-Support

    Case Study

    Mabway role players supported the annual European Battlegroup training event in 2016 which involved a large UK military force training alongside troops from across the EU. The exercise scenario was set in Africa and based on a stabilisation and non-combatant evacuation operation. Mabway deployed 238 role players representing local nationals, ex-patriates, IO and NGO representatives including 6 specialist role players (Tier 6) acting as military commanders, OCHA representatives and local administrators and politicians. Role player performance was to a high standard. The Tier 6 actors provided a great service with very good feedback throughout. They were able to take in all the information which contributed to a very convincing performance. They were able to hold their own when negotiating with high ranking military commanders and were always able to improvise. We used them in far more challenging roles than we had first expected to, greatly increasing the depth of the scenarios presented to the EU BG.

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