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Agog Vivid Ltd, operating as a specialist subcontractor to Mabway, provide creative film industry effects and expertise in design, development, build and deployment of graphic, realistic special effects using explosives, pyrotechnics, atmospheric effects, environment augmentation and live fire weapons simulation. Trainees experience 360 deg / 5 Sense immersive close up special effects generating complexity, chaos, shock and disorientation. This can be achieved through the representation of weapons effects and atmospheric effects which disorientate and overwhelm (persistent smoke, fire, wind, rain, stench, concussive sound). Design and construction of repeatable destructive and damage effects can be achieved. A Special Effects Supervisor (SES) exercises a creative management and supervisory function so the desired effects are matched to the training outputs and the operating environment remains safe at all times for trainers and trainees.

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    What we can do for you

    Trainees are fully involved in a live experience, maintaining belief in a scenario as incidents unfold rather than just moving from exercise to exercise.

    Our exemplary effects safety record is rooted in experience and expertise building high-energy, enveloping effects work with the Agog team in final control of staging of effects in any scenario.

    Case Study

    AGOGFX has £1.3m worth of special effects equipment coupled with urban, remote and extreme location experience across 36 countries on five continents, all at your disposal to add value and flexibility and improve learning outcomes

    AGOGFX's 25 years of interpreting film scripts to produce environments that have actors, stunts and crew at the heart of the action exactly parallels new thinking on augmentation of training environments to reflect physical, psychological and emotional stresses of real world incidents.

    Special effects are often experienced as explosions, or CASSIM make-up and prosthetics. AGOGFX's creativity is in layering sound, sight, smell, and force effects to create immersive learning environments that reflect reality and produce true to life responses.

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