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Mabway provides a range of security services across the UK. As a supplier of support services to government and military it was a small step for us to move into the security sector and bring our high level of governance and regulation that has allowed us to manage risk and deliver cutting edge services to high end individuals and corporate clients

We recognize that over 80% of specialist security services in the UK are delivered by very small or micro businesses without the benefits of critical mass that results in regulation, investment and continuous improvement. Mabway has been able to bring together this range of services and offer a comprehensive capability with the highest quality.

Our staff understand how to manage risk at all levels and our in-house training ensures the highest level of operational capability at all times.

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    What we can do for you

    Our fully licensed and U.K. BS7858 compliant screened employees can give you reassurance that the service you ask for, you will get. Qualified team members are individually carefully selected specific to the clients task requirements ensuring the highest level of operational capability at all times.

    Our staff understand how to mitigate risk and are trained in incident management. As an established, leading training provider, we invest in our staff’s continuous personal development (CPD), and as a company we insist on professional development adding additional skills that maybe required for current and ongoing projects.

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