Mabway is a provider of a range of security services across the UK and internationally. As a supplier of support services to government and military it was a small step for us to move into the security sector and bring our high level of governance and regulation that has allowed us to manage risk and deliver cutting edge services to the military including the special forces.

We recognize that over 80% of specialist security services int the UK was delivered by very small or micro businesses without the benefits of critical mass that results in regulation, investment and continuous improvement. Mabway has been able to bring together this range of services and offer a comprehensive capability with the highest quality. Our staff understand how to manage risk at all levels and our in-house training ensures the highest level of operational capability at all times.

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  • Security briefing

    Intelligence and Media

    Mabway provide a complete intelligence services for our clients. Our services fall into four different categories: Current, Estimative, Warning and Research. These are then shared to the specific area of your business: Strategic, Tactical and Operational to ensure your company gets the right information, at the right time, to the right people.

    Our media service provides a report on the searches from open sources such as the web and deep web for mentions of your company, staff or clients, which may affect you or interest you. Our reports are designed to provide an overview and allow your company to remain informed, whilst remaining insulated from any propaganda campaign, ensuring it does not begin to impact decision-making or public image.

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    Secure Transport Services

    Mabway secure transport teams specialise in providing adults, young people and children with a therapeutic and supportive environment ensuring they arrive at their various destinations relaxed and appropriately informed. Each member of our team is registered with the Quality Care Commission and the Care Council for Wales. We pride ourselves on the excellent specialist service we provide, in particular, the positive feedback from children/young people and adults who have experienced the services of our teams.

    “It is the ethos of Secure Transport Services at Mabway Ltd to place the individual at the core of our service and ensure that we maintain the highest standards demanded of us, our customers and the people within our care.”

    Mabway provides fully trained and equipped teams on standby who are able to respond on receipt of your call or instructions. We can provide Gender Specific crews and if required these crews can be supported by language translation services.

    We are able to cover all areas of the United Kingdom and we offer a 24 hour service, 365 days a year supported by a personal answering service which ensures a rapid response for the following services:

    • Transfers to and from secure units • Bed and cell watch • Transport to and from Pupil Referral Units • Transport to funerals and weddings, home visits, medical appointments and solicitors etc • Transportation of adults with learning difficulties • Support to those with mental health needs and neurodisability • Court appearances, change of placement and return absconders • Change of Placement • Transportation of adults with learning difficulties, mental health and neurodisability • We will be on the road within an hour of your confirmed request for our services.

    “We will, at all times ensure that we are able to offer the finest Service available to all of Clients and Service Users.”

  • Intelligence & Media

    Security Consultancy

    Mabway can provide you with expert industry specific security consultancy services. Our consultants provide security expertise to your company and benefit from all the other expertise Mabway has to offer. We can give your security policies a health check or we can ensure a full range of policies are written, bespoke to your company. We can also carry out audits to not only ensure your policies are been adhered to, but offer advise on where improvements could perhaps be made and also ensure that your existing security measures are appropriate to your requirements.

    Mabway can provide a range of technical security consultancy including CCTV, Penetration testing and access control.

  • Surveillance

    Investigation Services

    Mabway provide investigation services ranging from open source information gathering to fully deployable teams and equipment depending on what you require. We have also supported legal proceedings helping clients to keep control of their costs, and the detection of crime on client sites, providing a complete evidence package to assist the police.

    Mabway can provide an excellent level of service and work seamlessly with police and legal teams.

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    Asset Protection

    Mabway provides teams of highly trained and experienced security personnel to protect business interests, equipment or sites. Mabway's teams can monitor, control and protect any type of asset that has value to your business.

  • Security Guard

    Mobile Patrolling, Alarm Response and Key holding

    Mabway offers an holistic key holding a mobile patrol service. We can add a residence office or business premises to one of our mobile patrol routes. We can set a patrol strategy to ensure all requirements are met. We can respond to alarm activation, and provide a secure key holding service to the emergency services, or simply open and close premises as demands change. Many of our customers have a mixture of these services to satisfy their insurance requirements. Providing a significant reduction in premiums.

  • Close Protection

    Residential and Personal Protection

    Mabway can provide a high level of protection through our highly trained and qualified close protection teams who can escort clients in every aspect of their life. We have a range of vehicles and support services. We also offer employment services and vetting of household staff and retinue.


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