Scenario Design & Data Generation

The Mabway team of intelligence subject matter experts have broad, highly relevant operational, technical, and investigative experience. They deliver bespoke scenario design and background data to support a range of training activities in the live, virtual, and constructive environments. The team produce nuanced contextualized training data. This immerses exercise participants in the political, military, economic, social, information, infrastructure and physical environments, and time layers of any situation and training event. The training data matches the key variables chosen by the client to ensure that every product is fit for purpose.
The training data can be placed on a variety of operational and tactical computing and information service networks that support a particular training event. This allows the training audience to manage, exploit and assure the information in support of specified training objectives.

  • SQ Scenario Design and Data Generation

    What we can do for you

    We will understand your training requirements and then provide a credible scenario, underpinned by real world data to generate a realistic and challenging environment in which your training will take place. We will design specific vignettes to achieve your desired training objectives and participate in the event to update the data set and inject vignettes in response to the actions of the training audience.

    Case Study

    Mabway’s Mission Specific Training Data Generation Team (DGT) developed the training scenario, joint intelligence wrap and all supporting data to support the deployment of the UK’s contribution to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan. This included country overviews, situational reporting, training scenarios and vignettes.

    "The input was again invaluable. As a result, another Task Force is prepared and ready to deploy to South Sudan. The team once again provided realistic, considered and timely intelligence data that tested and developed the task force headquarters. Their feeds added real value and acted as theatre education by osmosis. The theatre Get-You-In-Pack and intelligence summaries ensured that the task force arrived read-in and ready to start."

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