How are you communicating within your company?

Have you tested your communications procedures for any anticipated incidents?

Could your procedures be improved or tightened up?

Mabway has developed a series of courses that have been designed to raise the standard of communications across many hazardous industries.

Our clients include the railway, security and military sectors. Our courses target all forms of verbal communication, and have been designed to minimise the risk associated with miscommunication or lack of communication in your relevant industry. Good communications will improve both safety and efficiency.

  • SQ Workplace Communications

    What we can do for you

    Every sector requires a different approach when it comes to communications. Many of our training solutions have been tailored to cater for the customer’s needs. Basic communications, such as members of staff communicating the correct verbal information, using correct terminology as well as hand signals have been well received.

    More bespoke consultation to more complex working environments, where the risk of accidents is more prevalent and the use of radios implemented is an area we specialise in, and deliver already to the rail industry, where communications is critical.

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