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Mabway’s extensive holding of uniforms, costume and props, coupled with the deployment of role players, creates the authenticity and atmospherics for realistic and challenging training. Mabway’s catalogue of uniforms and props enables the representation of scenarios set in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. The inventory is sufficient to dress and equip up to 500 role players representing indigenous populations, security forces (police and military), opposing factions, civil society, IO and NGO representatives.
Great care is taken to deploy our role players appropriately equipped and looking the part along with the ‘dressing’ of the location, whether this is a street scene, market place, hospital or essential infrastructure. Mabway prides itself on faithfully representing the sights, sounds and smells of the environment into which trainees will operate. This level of authenticity is one of Mabway’s core strengths and builds on its wealth of experience supporting training events for many years.

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    What we can do for you

    We will dress and equip our role players to meet your needs. We will represent the human terrain and infrastructure with whom your people will interact. We will source from our current inventory or procure specialist clothing and equipment for a particular requirement. Your people will experience an immersive training event, through faithful representation of the environment in which they will work and operate. Our intent is to bring the operating context to you.

    Case study

    For a number of years Mabway has supported the pre-deployment training for the UK’s contribution to NATO’s Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan. This regularly involves the deployment of over 300 role players and the creation of street scenes and markets to provide authenticity and challenges that will be experienced when deployed.

    "The environment that the role players set up in the market streets is commendable. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes in the market street gave an inoculation to troops as if they were in an urban Afghan setting - Perfect."

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