With the increase in abuse and assaults in the workplace environment. Mabway has taken a stance in becoming a leading provider of physical intervention training (PI). PI is now a mandatory module requirement and governed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

PI is a key aspect of training required within the security and health care fields and works in unison with conflict management and conflict resolution.

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    What we can do for you

    Mabway will provide you with a large suite of courses, including train the trainer courses, enabling you to gain and teach the necessary theoretical and practical skill levels to operate safely and effectively within this sector.

    Level 2 Physical intervention. Level 2 Control and restraint. Level 2 Mechanical restraints. Level 3 Physical intervention trainer. Level 3 Control and restraint trainer. Level 3 Mechanical restraints trainer.

    Level 3 Primary management of aggression (PMA) for the NHS and health care sectors. Yearly refresher training is also available, keeping you current and competent.

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