Mabway has been involved in supporting naval and maritime training since our inception. We have supported training in marine engineering and equipment support from within the sixth form college sector through to senior staff requiring specialist training services. We determine training needs through gap analysis and creating a training package to fulfill those needs. This can be through short modules to a complete training pipeline of courses. Mabway specialises in engineering training as equipment updates and the need to enhance skills, which tends to be the driving force behind training within the maritime sector.

We are repeatedly selected by our customers for our depth of knowledge flexibility innovative training programmes and cost-effective solutions. We are the go-to training services supplier for key UK and international maritime organisations. We believe this training should fit with the customer's own work programme and we have delivered our training in many locations including overnight on an Irish Ferry.

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  • Ships Propulsion


    Our Marine Engineering Project team provides a full range of training design and delivery services in Marine Engineering systems and equipment. We provide instructor led training solutions using a team that has a proven track record of training delivery and design of training solutions related to the delivery of Marine Engineering training at all rank levels. Their expertise transcends a full range of current and legacy propulsion, auxiliary and electrical systems including both High Voltage and Low Voltage distribution systems.

    The Team can also provide Subject Matter Expertise in order to articulate technical details from a wide range of media and diagrams to produce technical story boards, used in the production of compute based training solutions, and also other training documentation to meet a wide range of technical training delivery.

  • Ships Coms

    Ship's Systems

    Specific and directed training aimed at improving the knowledge and awareness of systems and equipment in a specific vessel. Improving knowledge of safety systems, emergency systems, fixed and portable fire-fighting equipment and damage control equipment can lead to improved reaction to emergency situations. This training can be delivered as a pre-joining module for those joining a specific ship type for the first time. The training includes overview and introductions to:

    • Propulsion and Control
    • Power Generation
    • Auxiliary systems and services
    • Ship layout
    • Fire fighting and damage control
    • Communications and weapon systems
  • Ships Weapons

    Communications and Weapons Systems

    Mabway is often requested to supply training in specific weapon systems and equipment for ship's staff who need a flexible and effective training package. We work with equipment manufacturers and experts to create the training required to fill the gap in their knowledge or skills and put together accessible modules that fit with their schedule. We also work with simulator providers to develop commercially viable training that is flexible and affordable.

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