Exercise Management

Mabway delivers support to military training through the provision of managed services to enhance the realism of small to large-scale training events. We do this through the provision of our team of ex-military and international specialists to ensure cultural immersion and realistic representation of friendly and opposing forces, urban and rural communities and the spectrum of government and non-government representatives including non-state actors. Mabway offers this unique service to a wide range of military and non-military customers from the UK and internationally.

An integral part of the recreation of key environments and scenarios includes the ability for our staff to role play military forces effectively including the use of weapons, vehicles and pyrotechnics which we can provide to enhance the effect and introduce a dramatic sense of realism to the scenario. We also provide simulated casualties to replicate the whole range of injuries that are the outcome of conflicts and disasters.

Mabway has key industry partners that allow us to provide the technology to manage and review the exercise from planning through to after-action review.

We can provide a full range of logistics support to create a living environment including accommodation, transport and feeding.

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  • Cultural Immersion

    Cultural Immersion

    Mabway offers the opportunity to experience living and working in many key countries where the culture day-to-day life may be challenging for the visitor. By recreating an urban or rural settlement with key characters from the business, security and political spheres it is possible to run scenarios to achieve specific training objectives and experience how behavioral choices effect cultural integration and successful outcomes. Basic skills gained will include the use of cultural norms, use of an interpreter and the confidence to operate successfully and influence key individuals and groups.

  • Disaster

    Disaster Scenarios

    Rehearsing for disaster is a key business continuity objective for businesses, emergency services and the military. Mabway can, through our realistic scenarios provide the chaos, fear factor and suspension of belief that will deliver the experience of the worst day at the office in a risk-free environment. The scenarios can include the use of pyrotechnics, be culturally specific and include casualty simulation to a wide range of injuries such as loss of limbs, burns and gun shot wounds. We can manage the outcomes to achieve memorable and effective staff immersion and stress-test protocols and procedures with a high level of confidence.

  • TV and Film

    Film, TV, Theatre & Themed Events

    Mabway has a large database of employees who work as role players for a range of military and civil scenarios typical of the aftermath of wars or disasters. We can represent a wide range of cultures, military and emergency services. Our role player service can include replica weapons, uniforms and simulated casualties through the use of make up effects from our team. We are able to provide hundreds of trained managed role players for large-scale scenarios. We can equip, transport and feed our teams on location, if required. Mabway has experience of working with major TV and media companies. Contact us for further details.

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