Mabway Limited delivers a full suite of industry standard statutory courses in First Aid, including ‘emergency response’, ‘first responder’, ‘essential lifesaving skills’, ‘paediatric’ and ‘K9’ courses. All these courses are held regularly at training centres around the UK and we can deliver training at any suitable business premises or location. Our courses are accredited through UK awarding bodies.

We can tailor scenarios to your business activities to reduce/mitigate any workplace accidents and incidents you have experienced in the past. We specialise in enhancing all our training with props, role players and special effects (such as casualty simulation) for added realism.

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    What we can do for you

    Having provided First Aid solutions to the rail industry we pride ourselves on customer driven required solutions.

    Our industry sector customers include ‘farming’, ‘manufacturing’, ‘maritime’ and sports entities. Often these require bespoke complex, solutions with many different variants of things that could go wrong whether it be as an example the rail industry, supporting sector (office staff), complex station incidents or on board accidents.

    We have adapted over the years to be able to provide individual customised tailor made solutions for all our clients. We are confident that through a mutual understanding of what risks you are likely to encounter, we can provide you with the training that your employees will need.

    You may require theory, practical and scenario based instruction, and we are only too happy to accommodate your needs in all industry sectors.

    Theory Training

    Our qualified instructors relish in passing on their knowledge, to students that attend our courses. In the First Aid environment, we always start off in the classroom to be able to provide the building blocks required for the students to be reminded of the things they already know as well as being taught new lessons that are regularly added and updated in accordance with the professional awarding bodies.

    Being taught in a relaxed less formal manner, has proven to be best for both the instructor delivering the content, and the student receiving and understanding the information.

    Practical Training

    Getting hands on, and putting in to practice what you have been taught in the classroom, is confidence for the individual being taught as well as conformation to the instructor that the student can in fact implement what they have just learnt. This formative testing method allows the instructor to observe and interject where required if thing go wrong.

    Scenario Enhanced Training

    The culmination to any instruction is for your students to be placed in as close to a real-life situation as possible. With safety at the forefront of everything we do, we can provide you with a rigorous testing environment, simulating any accident or incident that you may anticipate happening.

    We can provide you with role players to rein act your testing environment with amputee personnel to enhance the testing experience.

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