Exercise Planning and Delivery

Mabway has the capability to take full responsibility for all aspects of exercise planning and delivery. Mabway’s Operations and Plans Team will engage with the client to plan, resource and ensure delivery fulfils the stated training objectives. Drawing on experience, they will advise on the most efficient use of resources to ensure value for money for the client. Mabway will field an Event Management Team to deliver a collaborative, intelligent and agile approach to supporting the event. They will direct and oversee the deployment of role players to guarantee the desired training effects are achieved. Feedback on the trainees’ interactions with the role players is provided to maximize the training opportunity.
Our Operations Support Team will provide the logistical support to sustain the role players and managers and will source and deploy the props, uniforms and equipment to provide the authenticity demanded by each scenario.

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    What we can do for you

    We will provide a bespoke exercise management service so that you can focus on the trainees and their training. We will plan, write and administer a training event on your behalf and if required provide observers and analysts to help you provide objective and timely feedback. Our team will enable you to concentrate on developing, mentoring and when appropriate assessing your people. In partnership, we will help you deliver quality training in the most cost and time efficient way.

    Case Study

    Mabway supports a wide range of training events for the UK Ministry of Defence at differing scales; small numbers for short duration (e.g. 4 role players for 1 day) to large numbers for long durations (e.g. 250 role players for 3 weeks). Every event, irrespective of scale, requires a thorough understanding of the training objectives and detailed coordination and liaison to plan and deploy the most appropriate role players, taking into account, ethnicity, language, gender and experience.

    "The Event Manager was excellent as he always is. The logistic rep was of a good standard and worked hard during the event, enabling the role players to remain motivated and empowered. The Operations team stayed flexible which enabled us to dynamically task the role players. This allowed us to react to different scenarios as they progressed on the ground giving a much more realistic feel to the exercise. The Team Leader was very effective at suggesting improvements to refine the serials and get the best from the exercising troops. Clearly experienced and a real asset."

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