Mabway specialises in evaluating additional engineering support as equipment is updated or additional equipment is fitted. It is often the case that manufactures documentation does not provide sufficient detail regarding preventive and corrective maintenance procedures, fault location and removal/replacement routines. These often require an uplift in skills, or adjustments to training and maintenance support.

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    What we can do for you

    Early consideration of upkeep issues for new equipment fit, or modifications to marine engineering systems, can identify requirements for additional training support, special tools, problems of access (due to interference from existing ships fittings), spare part holdings, or evaluation of removal or replacement procedures.

    A Mabway team of specialist engineers can carry out a complete maintenance evaluation of equipment, preferably at the design stage or prior to purchase of an “off the shelf” equipment solution.

    All manufactures preventive and corrective maintenance procedures are assessed to ensure accuracy, ergonomic achievability, and completeness.

    A report is produced which details all maintenance procedures, hazards and safety considerations, setting to work, special tools, spares support and removal/replacement procedures.

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