Our Dynamic Risk Assessment Workshop is part of the Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) to reduce accidents in the workplace. Mabways BBS has been designed in partnership with the industry standards, and delivered through our network of instructors.

As an extension to your existing safety training, each group attending our one day workshop should where possible include a mixture of various roles.

Through experience we have found this inclusive method of learning within your company to be best practice.

  • SQ-DRA

    What we can do for you

    Mabway Limited continue to deliver the Dynamic Risk Assessment course and study days to Industry partners in the Railway and Security industries enabling them to better understand and assess situations as they develop.

    The Day is structured to enable you and your staff to conduct Dynamic Risk Assessments instinctively as part of their everyday daily work routine thereby committing to identifying the immediate risks associated to that specific workplace environment thus reducing the number of accidents through better personal awareness and individual personal responsibility.

    The course is structured for you

    Engaging primarily in discussions on costs, standards and an introduction to behavioural-based safety, will place the foundations in place.

    Sharing structured advice on how to deal with the associated barriers that must be overcome. We look at the fundamental elements of personal leadership linking them with the human and organisational aspects of safety.

    Your regulated qualification is designed to introduce the principles of risk assessment. It covers why risk assessments are necessary, the legal requirements relating to them and simple processes for carrying them out.

    This course is suitable for all employees working in any environment who need to be more risk aware by raising their knowledge of risk in the workplace and the basic awareness steps they can take to control it.

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