Conflicts in any everyday situation cannot be avoided. Being aware and understanding situations and problems before they escalate is everybody’s responsibility within your workforce. Taking the time and investment to ensure that all personnel within you company are fully trained will make for a happier working environment and could save you the pain down the line in court fees and loss of business.

I’m guessing you have customers?

Any of your employees will find themselves in a conflict situation in a variety of roles, particularly those which involve them dealing with customers or the general public, therefore this qualification is not just geared towards those who work in a security setting.

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    Our conflict management course and qualification is ideal for any individuals or groups of people who require conflict resolution training.

    If you work with others then it is highly likely you and others will encounter a conflict situation in the workplace.

    This course is mandatory training within the security sector but must be embraced by people working in every sector.

    On the completion of our conflict resolution training course you will gain a qualification that will give you the knowledge of how to reduce potential conflict through communication, management of unrealistic expectations, and identify the factors that influence human responses in creating resolutions in any conflicting situation.

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