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At Mabway we fully understand that any kind of training needs to be completely realistic in order to immerse the Police, Fire and Rescue, Medical and Military personnel into the best training environment available. Through the use of the very latest products and techniques, our professional and highly skilled in house makeup and special effects artists are able to produce a wide variety of traumatic and realistic injuries such as gunshot, fragmentation, impact wounds as well as any other trauma effect required for a particular scenario such as burns, chemical and acid contact.

With the use of professional, specialist amputee actors and purpose-built prosthetics we are able to re-enact amputation scenarios to add horrific, but realistic immersion to any training event. Our actors provide vital tourniquet training to be performed on a live casualty as would be the case in an actual real life emergency. We believe that the use of a live casualty within any training module not only enhances the effect, but also gives the realism not previously encountered within first aid and survival training.

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    What we can do for you

    Mabway team of Make Up Artists and Casualty Simulation Role Players will enrich any training event with an unparalleled level of realism. Whether you are planning training for clinicians, paramedics or first responders our role players will provide a level of fidelity that will enhance their training experience. Our CASSIM role players can represent a given demographic and ethnicity to suit your training requirement at both large scale to represent a mass casualty event and small scale to simulate a work place or road traffic incident by way of example.

    Case Study

    As part of a combined Defence Medical Services and NHS training event Mabway provided CASSIM Role Players and makeup artists. The team participated in a number of medical scenarios in which clinicians and paramedics were required to triage and treat casualties with a range of traumatic and minor injuries.

    "Your CASSIM staff are amazing people and put so much realism in to our training. They are good actors and really researched their roles and the required medical care. Their acting and make-up were fantastic and they really made the day."

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