At Mabway we fully understand that any kind of training needs to be completely realistic in order to immerse the Police, Fire and Rescue, Medical and Military personnel into the best training environment available. Through the use of the very latest products and techniques, our professional and highly skilled in house makeup, special effects artists are able to produce a wide variety of traumatic and incredibly realistic injuries such as gunshot, fragmentation, impact wounds as well as any other trauma effect required for a particular scenario.

With the use of professional, specialist amputee actors and purpose-built prosthetics we are able to re-enact amputation scenarios to add horrific but realistic atmosphere to any training module. Our actors provide vital tourniquet training to be performed on a live casualty as would be the case in an actual real life emergency. We believe that the use of a live casualty within any training module not only enhances the effect but also gives the realism not previously encountered within first aid and survival training.

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  • Sarah doing head injury

    Head and Facial Injuries

    Head and facial injuries are a graphic introduction to battlefield and emergency medicine, providing a good means of desensitisation to the shock of encountering injuries prior to deployment and facilitating real time emergency training situations.

    Facial Trauma (Maxillofacial Trauma) encompasses a large variety of injuries including ‘soft tissue injuries’ such as burns, lacerations and bruises as well as ‘fracture’ and ‘eye’ injuries.

    Despite seldom being life threatening, facial and head injuries are a good source of initial shock when arriving at a traumatic scene. Through the use of silicone based compounds and simulation equipment, Mabway are able to replicate any range of symptoms from disfigurement and loss of function, to fragmentation injuries and eye socket damage. Injuries that are all too common when a road traffic accident occurs.

    In addition to this, Mabway can also supply specialist equipment that allows medics to perform simulated surgical airway procedures, such as tracheostomies on live casualty role players

  • Upper Limb Injuries

    Upper Limb Injuries

    The term ‘upper limb injury’ can be used to describe a vast array of casualty situations ranging from a crushed hand to lacerations of the forearm, shoulder bruising or even arm amputation.

    All of these injuries come with their own complications and all can be portrayed using the highly skilled casualty simulation department of Mabway.

    By using silicone based cosmetics, Mabway are able to simulate textures as well as the visual effect of traumatic injuries, enabling medics and rescue services to experience the feel of tissue damage and the additional difficulties involved with dressing fresh wounds.

  • Lower Limb Injuries

    Lower Limb Injuries

    With the increased number of motorbike accidents, work related incidents, and indeed, IED explosion injuries; amputation and lower limb injuries are becoming more and more common within the medical sector and operating theatre environment.

    Here at Mabway we are able to simulate a large array of lower limb injuries including amputation. With the help of our team of highly skilled amputee actors we can recreate open fractures, shrapnel injuries and gunshot wounds. All are created realistic in both feel and appearance and available in varying degrees of severity to enhance any training scenario.

    Mabway offers non-amputee casualty role-players if required or alternatively a makeup artist can be provided to create casualty simulation on members of the exercising troops, staff or employees.

    All our actors and role players at Mabway are experienced and professional and as such, they react to treatment and injuries in the most realistic way to add training benefit to any medical environment. We have found that there is a luge amount of training benefit to acting out the effects of shock and pain as this creates an environment of confusion and allows the trainees to get the most out of that day.

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