Mabway can help with your security needs to ensure your business and property is safeguarded against criminals and intruders

You'll benefit from fully vetted and SIA trained security guards acting as a deterrent to intruders and vandals to keep your property safe and secure. You'll be able to choose from a range of options that include Key Holding, CCTV, Alarm Activation and Mobile Patroling

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    Key Holding

    Our on-site security solutions include:

    Gatehouse services: Granting access for authorised visitors only

    High visibility boards: Acting as deterrents to incursion and vandalism

    Front of house guards: Providing customer service at the entrance of your property

    Dual role security services: Gatehouse and vehicle checks, as well as static security where a guard will remain on site at allocated times

    Mobile patrols: Guarding your premises on the hour, every hour. All access points will be checked to ensure the site is free of any breaches in security

    Unlock and lock up service

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    Our CCTV monitoring service can provide you with instant alerts to notify you of any trespassers, crimes, theft and destruction to your property, both internally and externally.

    Whether you require industry standard trained operators, or our remote monitoring service, we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

    Our CCTV recording can provide evidence and valuable proof when you need to get the authorities involved. Start enhancing the protection in and around your property with our CCTV monitoring and recording service. Services can include:

    • CCTV remote monitoring and recording.
    • Security control in warehouse or office.
    • Project monitoring on construction sites
    • Carpark monitoring.
    • Play back of remote video and audio.
    • Customer observation in retail shop by video.
    • Emergency response.
    • Intelligence monitoring.
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    Alarm Activation

    Mabway offers tailor made solutions to protect your individual security and the protection of your assets. We take a holistic approach in working with you to establish your detailed requirements, looking at the risks associated in protecting your business and property against criminals and intruders.

    We can add a residence office or business premises to one of our mobile patrol routes. We can implement a patrol strategy to ensure all your requirements are met.

    Getting a notification that one of your alarms has been activated in the middle of the night is something none of us really want to experience. The additional worry that your premises may have been broke in to is defiantly not something you want to deal with alone.

    Mabway will respond to any of your alarm activations, and provide a professional presence, engaging with the emergency services if required, or liaising with your chosen company representative, offering any protection whilst the premises are checked and secured.

    Many of our customers combine one or two of our services to cover all eventualities, this has been proven to satisfy their insurance requirements. Providing a significant reduction in premiums.

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    Mobile Patroling

    If the idea of a physical security presence in addition to any alarm response service, or CCTV monitoring appeals to you then we highly recommend the use of our professional mobile response teams.

    We provide fully licenced and highly trained security professionals. All our team members are equipped with up to date highly presentable visible uniforms and industry compliant data recording devices.

    We will offer you a highly visible deterrent to any site 24 hours a day, and we can tailor any of our bespoke services to your requirements.

    Our fully licensed and U.K. BS7858 compliant screened employees can give you reassurance that the service you ask for, you will get.

    Qualified team members are individually carefully selected specific to the client’s task requirements ensuring the highest level of operational capability at all times.

    Our staff understand how to mitigate risk and are trained in incident management.

    As an established, leading training provider, we invest in our staff’s continuous personal development (CPD), and as a company we insist on professional development adding additional skills that maybe required for current and ongoing projects.

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